Global and International Studies



Two prescribed courses, Globalization and Pathways to Global Studies, serve to introduce students to the major. 

As a new major, students are encouraged to be innovative and work alongside their advisors to develop new and different ways for expanding their growth into global citizenship.  The major encourages specialization in one of five Pathways: Human Rights, Culture and Identity, Global Conflict, Wealth and Inequality, and Health and Environment.  The major also offers the opportunity for students with a G.P.A. above 3.5 to choose to develop a personalized Pathway with the approval of the advisor and director of undergraduate studies.

The capstone course usually taken in the senior year fosters a community of students with a common sense of global identity, guiding them in developing an individual research project that demonstrates mastery of the learning objectives of the major, and providing students with an opportunity to integrate and synthesize knowledge gained over their coursework from multiple disciplines in their Pathway into a thematic research project.

GLIS offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree. The B.A. degree requires six credits of foreign-language study beyond the 12-credit proficiency level, or in a second foreign language. The B.S. degree requires six credits in technological and quantitative appropriate to the social sciences. Both degrees, B.A. and B.S., may include a significant engaged scholarship experience (such as undertaking an internship, job, volunteer position, or period of study) located either abroad or in a majority non-English-speaking part of the United States. 

Requirements for the Major

  • 36 credits

Prescribed Courses (9 credits):

  • GLIS 101, GS, IL (3) Globalization (Sem: 1-4)
  • GLIS 102, GH, IL (3) Pathways to Global Studies  [e1] (Sem: 1-4)
  • GLIS 400, IL (3) Seminar in Global and International Studies (Sem: 6-8)

Additional Courses (21 credits):

Select 21 credits from the Global Pathways. For course lists in each option, click the desired option below:

  • 15 credits of these 21 will be in a single Pathway (no more than 6 credits towards the Pathway are to be from courses in a single department).
  • 6 credits of these 21 are from other Pathways.

At least 12 credits must be taken at the 400 level or higher.

The GLIS program encourages real-world experience that embodies the spirit of global citizenship. To this end, credits from Education Abroad or a for-credit internship may count toward Pathways with approval from the director of undergraduate studies.

B.A. Degree World Language Requirement:

Select EITHER 6 cr. in a language beyond 12th-credit level proficiency, OR 6 cr. in a second foreign language, or equivalent proficiencies.  Courses must be taught in the language, i.e., not in English.

B.S. Degree Quantitative and Technological Skills Requirement:

  • Take MATH 021, GQ (3) College Algebra I (3).
  • Choose 3 credits from one of the following: STAT 100, GQ (3) Statistical Concepts and Reasoning; STAT 200, GQ (3), Elementary Statistics, STAT 220 (3), Basic Statistics for Quantitative Students, SOC 207 (3) Research Methods in Sociology, or PSYCH 200, GQ (4) Elementary Statistics in Psychology.
  • Select 21 credits in related areas such as engineering, business, science, the humanities, or the social sciences, or in another area where competency in Global and International Studies is desirable. The courses are to be selected in consultation with an advisor. At least six credits of such courses must be at the 400-level.