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Global and International Studies



Pursue an undergraduate degree in Global and International Studies.

Global and International Studies is devoted to understanding human cultures and societies as bounded by “One World”.  This major emphasizes developing a global perspective through scholarly study, research, international communication and experience abroad.

The Global and International Studies major combines expertise from various humanities and social science disciplines to uncover methods for understanding the dynamic issues humans face around the world.  Global and International Studies majors will find opportunity in government, education, diplomatic service, international business, and not-for-profit initiatives along with further education in global studies and related disciplines.  Graduates will also have preparation for competitive graduate programs in fields as diverse as journalism, translation, international business, international law, international development, global education, administration, public policy, and broader humanities and social sciences fields.

Funding for GLIS Majors Studying Abroad

GLIS majors who are taking part in a semester-long, year-long, or summer study abroad experience will receive an enrichment award of at least $1,000.  Students may be eligible to receive more than $1,000 in funding, depending on other variables such as Paterno Fellow status, financial need, etc., but would be guaranteed at least $1,000. Eligible Liberal Arts embedded programs or other global experiences may offer $750 in enrichment award funding. Eligible non-Liberal Arts embedded programs or other global experiences may offer $500 in enrichment award funding.  This is a one-time award, but GLIS majors are encouraged to apply for enrichment funds for any subsequent enrichment activities as well. At that point, their applications will be considered in the same way as other CLA students with awards made based on a range of criteria including PFP status, program/experience, financial need, and previous funding received.  All applications should be submitted through the enrichment funds application system at