Global and International Studies

The Global and International Studies Minor

The Global and International Studies Minor

The International Studies Minor is intended to recognize for undergraduate students in any major the completion of an education abroad program, foreign language competency, and related advanced coursework. Ideally, the language, international, and advanced study should be integrated around a thematic or geographical focus.

REQUIREMENTS: 18-30 credits (at least 6 credits must be at the 400 level)

  • 12th-credit-level proficiency in one foreign language demonstrated by course work or examination (Sem: 1-4)  The 12th credit level is equivalent to the first three semesters of language study at Penn State.;
  • 12 credits in an approved Penn State education abroad program one semester or year-long program, no more than 6 credits of which may be foreign language study beyond the 12th-credit level;
  • 6 credits at the 400-level related to the education abroad experience, or the student’s major, or to complete a thematic concentration. Courses must be selected from the Options with an international focus or in consultation with the International Studies Adviser. Courses from education abroad may not be used to satisfy this 6-credit requirement.

Students wishing to graduate with a minor must declare the minor no later than the end of the semester prior to graduation. All required coursework must be completed with a grade of C or higher by the end of the semester the student plans to graduate. If you have questions, please contact Thomas Spencer, the academic adviser for GLIS.