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Old Major

Global and International Studies (effective 2011-2015)

(active only for students declared as majors by Fall 2015)

Global and International Studies Major

As of Summer, 2011, the International Studies Major (INLST) was renamed and replaced with a new set up requirements. The new Global and International Studies (GLOBE) major provides a broad framework for students to combine their international experience, foreign language skills, and course work on global and international topics into a concurrent major (i.e., the GLOBE major is not available as a primary major.)

The major requirements are as follows:

Global and International Studies Major (GLOBE)

Effective Summer 2011

The interdisciplinary major in Global and International Studies is intended to prepare students for lives and careers in a world that is increasingly interdependent. It reflects a "One World" concept that emphasizes the importance of global perspectives, foreign language study, and education or working experience abroad. The structure of the major also recognizes the fact that the majority of the world's people live in regions other than the European and North American sphere, and that a knowledge of non-Anglophone cultures is an important form of preparation for global citizenship. Because students need specific fields of knowledge as well as a global framework, this major is available only as a concurrent or sequential major, and students must first have a primary major. Some components of the Global and International Studies requirements may overlap with those of the primary major; for details, consult an adviser for the Global and International Studies major.

 The degree (e.g., B.A., B.S., B.F.A., B.B.A, etc.) will normally match that of the student’s first major.  Students in baccalaureate degree programs other than those leading to the B.A., who desire a B. A. degree in International Studies, will receive concurrent degrees and must fulfill all requirements for concurrent degrees and for the B.A. as indicated in the Bulletin.




Education, Internship, or other significant experience abroad (at least 8 weeks in length)
The requirement for experience abroad can be fulfilled by formal study abroad, and/or approved internship or employment or comparable experience (such as Peace Corps service). Credits earned abroad may be used toward other requirements in the major.

PRESCRIBED COURSE (3 credits):   CMLIT 010 (GH; IL)

ADDITIONAL COURSES (3 credits) - choose one course from the following list: A&A 100 GA;IL(3), ANTH 045 GS;US;IL(3), CMLIT 013 GH;IL(3), CMLIT 143 GH;US;IL(3), ECON 104 GS(3), FR 139 GH;IL(3), GEOG 040 GS;IL(3), HIST 010 GH;IL(3), HIST 011 GH;IL(3), MUSIC 009 GA;IL(3), PL SC 003 GS;IL(3), PL SC 014 GS;IL(3), RL ST 001 GH;US;IL(3)


At least 12 credits must be at the 400-level.

A.  Foreign Language Study (12 credits)

Select  EITHER 12 cr. in a language beyond 12th-credit level proficiency, OR 12 cr. in a second foreign language, or equivalent proficiencies.  Courses must be taught in the language, i.e., not in English.

Foreign language majors who do not have another major must use a foreign language other than the primary major. (For example, a French major could take Arabic 001, 002 and 003 to complete this Foreign Language Study requirement.)

B.  Global Perspectives (6 credits)  (Click link for eligible course list)      

Select 6 credits from departmental list*

One course in this area or in sub-requirement C must be a 400-level course in CMLIT

C.  World Regions and Regional Perspectives (6 credits) (Click link for eligible course list)

Select, from departmental list*, 6 credits in courses focused on one of the following world regions: Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Eastern European and Slavic Cultures, Latin America and the Caribbean, or the Middle East. Language courses beyond the sixth semester are eligible if they focus on significant content beyond language skills.  One course in this area or in sub-requirement B must be a 400-level course in CMLIT.


For further information, contact:

Department of Comparative Literature
School of Languages and Literatures
College of the Liberal Arts
202-D Burrowes Building
University Park, PA 16802

Tel: 814-863-0589


Julianna Chaszar
GLOBE Academic Advisor
To schedule an advising appointment Email: