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Wealth and Inequality

This option considers global distribution of people, goods, and money, both in the contemporary world and in deep historical time, examining feudalism, trade, imperialism, nationalism, and the socioeconomic impacts of globalization. Some of the themes on which it focuses include: motivations for and experiences of such human movement as migration, exploration, travel, slavery, diaspora, asylum, and exile; demographic change; poverty, wealth, and economic inequality; and political, social, and cultural incentives for and restrictions on circulation (censorship, translation, free trade, prize culture, protectionism, access, privilege, bias).

Boldfaced courses offered in Spring 2022. 

Wealth and Inequality

Course Number

 Course Title

AFR 192

Modern African History


Globalization and Its Implications

ANTH 408

Anthropological Demography

ANTH 435

Ancient Economy


Asian Trade: Economy, Industrialization and Capitalism in Asia


China and the World


Cultures of Globalization


Postcolonial Literature and Culture

ECON 104

Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy

ECON 304

Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis

ECON 333

International Economics

ECON 433

Advanced International Trade Theory and Policy

ECON 434

International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics

ECON 437

Multinationals and the Globalization of Production

ECON 471

Growth and Development 

ECON 475

Migration and Development


Work and Literature


Inequality: Economics, Philosophy, Literature

ENGL 460

Business and Literature

HIST 154

History of Welfare and Poverty in the United States

HIST 470

Slavery in the Americas

LER 400

Comparative Employment Relations Systems

LER 403

International Human Resource Studies

LER 475H

Labor in the Global Economy

PHIL 408

Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy

PLSC 022

Politics in Developing Areas

PLSC 412

International Political Economy

PLSC 440

Globalization and Its Implications

PLSC 453

Political Processes in Underdeveloped Systems

PLSC 481

Global Political Economy

PLSC 498

Analytical Political Economy

SOC 23

Population and Policy Issues

SOC 209

Poverty in Africa

SOC 422

World Population Diversity

SOC 424

Social Change 

SOC 429

Social Demography

SOC 445

US Immigration

SOC 452

Spatial Inequality

SOC 454

The City in Postindustrial Society

SOC 497D

Solving Wicked Social Problem*


Women of the African Diaspora


Gender and International Development*



Courses Outside the College of the Liberal Arts

CED 230

 Development Issues in the Global Contextf

CED 425

 International Community and Economic Development

EDTHP 435 

 Child Labor and Education in the Global Economy*

GEOG 123

 Geography of Developing World


Geography of the Global Economy


Cryosphere & Climate Systems

IB 470

International Development in an African Context

LGWR 510

International Labor Law

LGWR 520 Global Workers' Rights


 ****400 level courses with asterisks do not have prerequisites. ****


Majors should select 21 credits in the Option courses. 

-15 credits of these 21 will be in a single Option concentration (no more than 6 credits towards the Option completion are to be from courses in a single department).

-6 credits of these 21 are from other Options.

-At least 12 credits must be taken at the 400 level or higher.