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Culture and Identity

Global economic, political, and cultural processes are bound up with complex questions of culture and identity at the individual, familial, and community levels. Examining how differences in language, ideology, religion, race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation among others impact our sense of self and other, this CULTURE and IDENTITY option considers: foundational expressions of social and cultural values; the formation and contestation of identity over time; the impacts of modernization on individual, family, and community identity; genetic manipulation and modification; and questions of colonization and colonialism on political and cultural structures. Boldfaced courses are being offered in Fall 2021.

Culture and Identity

Course Number  Course Title

****400 level courses with asterisks do not have prerequisites. ****

AFAM/SOC 103 Racism and Sexism

AFR 110: Introduction to Contemporary Africa

AFR 192: Modern African History

AFR/WMNST 202 Gender Dynamics in Africa

AFR 405 African Studies Seminar

ANTH 45N/45Q Cultural Diversity: A Global Perspective

ANTH 60 Society and Cultures in Modern Israel (cross listed with JST 60, PLSC 60, SOC 60)

ANTH 303 Race and Gender in the Americas: Latin America and Caribbean Cultures (cross listed with  AFAM 303, WMNST 303)

ANTH 424 Andean Ethnology and Archaeology

ANTH 446 Mating and Marriage

ANTH 458 Ethnographic Field Methods

APLNG 200 Introduction to Language, Culture, and Social Interaction

APLNG 210 The Ecology of Global English

APLNG 220 Multilingual Lives

APLNG 280N Conducting International Comparative Research

ASIA 3 Introduction to the Religions of the East

ASIA 100 What is Asia?

ASIA 101N Sports in Asia

ASIA 102 Asian Popular Culture

ASIA/RLST 103 Introduction to Hinduism

ASIA 104 Introduction to Buddhism

ASIA 105 War and Memory in Asia: Twentieth Century and beyond

ASIA 106  Asian Traditions of Health, Medicine, and the Body

ASIA 120Y South Asia: A Literary History

ASIA 122/JAPNS 122 Gods to Godzilla: A Survey of Japanese Culture

ASIA/HIST 174 East Asia to 1800

ASIA/HIST 175 The History of Modern East Asia

ASIA 181 Introduction to the Religions of China and Japan

ASIA 183 Gender, Family, and Society in East Asia

ASIA/HIST 186 The Silk Roads

ASIA/HIST 187 Global Taiwan

ASIA 400 International Culture in East Asia

ASIA 401 Technology & Society in Modern Asia

ASIA 402 Language, Culture and Cognition in East Asian Context

ASIA 403 Food Cultures of Asia

ASIA 404 Topics in Asian Literature

ASIA/CHNS 414 Chinese Language

ASIA/CHNS 415 China Beyond China

ASIA/CHNS 416 Gender and Sexuality in China

ASIA/CHNS 417 The Warrior, the Courtesan and the Ghost in Classical Chinese Novels

ASIA/CHNS 418 Confucius and the Great Books of China

ASIA/CHNS 419 The Chinese Rhetorical Tradition

*ASIA 424 Transnational Korean Literature*

*ASIA 425 Global Korean Cinema*

ASIA/JAPNS 430 Japan in the World

ASIA/JAPNS 431 Courtly Japan

ASIA/JAPNS 432 War and the Warrior in Japan

ASIA/JAPNS 433 Traveling Voices

ASIA/JAPNS 434 Beyond Anime

ASIA 440 Monuments of Asia

ASIA 474/JAPNS 426 Early Modern Japan

CAMS 004  Jewish and Christian Foundations 

CAMS 005 Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations

CAMS 010 Mesopotamian Civilization

CAMS 020 Egyptian Civilization

CAMS 025 Greek Civilization

CAMS 033 Roman Civilization

CAS 271N Intercultural Communication

CAS 422 Contemporary African American Communication

CAS 455 Gender Roles in Communication

CAMS 450W Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome

CAMS 470 Languages and Cultures of the Ancient Near East

CAS 471 Sumerian

CHNS 421 China Beyond China 

CMLIT 003 Intro to African Literature

CMLIT 004 Intro to Asian Literature

CMLIT 005 Literature of the Americas

CMLIT 010 World Literatures

CMLIT 101 Race, Gender and Identity in World Literature

CMLIT 107 and 107(U) Exploration, Travel, Migration, and Exile

JST 131/CMLIT 110: Jewish Literature: An International Perspective

CMLIT/ENGL 185 The World Novel

*CMLIT 405 Inter-American Literature*

*CMLIT 403 Latina/o Literature and Culture*

*CMLIT 404  Topics in Asian Literature *

*CMLIT 408 Heroic Literature *

*CMLIT 415 World Graphic Novels* 

*CMLIT 423 African Novel*

*CMLIT 435 Cultures of Globalization *

CMLIT 438: Fantastic Worlds

*CMLIT 449 Literary Cultures of Islam*

*CMLIT 453 Narrative Theory: Film and Literature *

*CMLIT 470 The Modern Novel *

*CMLIT 489 Contemporary World Fiction*

ENGL 135 Alternative Voices in American Literature

ENGL 139 African American Literature

ENGL 182 Literature and Empire

ENGL 185 World Novel

ENGL 226 Latina and Latino Border Theories

ENGL 227 Introduction to Queer Theory

ENGL 245 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

ENGL 404 Mapping Identity, Difference and Place

ENGL 407 History of the English Language (which studies English as a global language)

ENGL 428 Asian American Literatures 

ENGL 466 African American Novel I

ENGL 466 African American Novel II

ENGL 486 World Novel in English

FR 138N French Culture through Film

FR 139 France and the Francophone World

FR 142 French Fiction, Drama, and Film

FR 430: Contemporary France

FR 470 Race and Gender in Literature

FR 458 African Literature of French Expression

FR497: French Protest Culture: From the French Revolution to the “Yellow Vest” Movement

GER 100 German Culture and Civilization

GER 157N The Amish

GER 189N German Film

GER 190 Twentieth-Century German Literature in English Translation

GER 200 Contemporary Germany

GER 245 Vikings

HIST 153: The Indian in North America

HIST 164: Early Modern Islamic Empires

HIST 165: Introduction to Islamic Civilization

HIST/ASIA 174 The History of Traditional East Asia 

HIST/ASIA 175 The History of Modern East Asia

HIST/ASIA 181 Introduction to the Religions of China and Japan

HIST/ASIA 183 Gender, Family, and Society in East Asia

HIST/ASIA 186 The Silk Roads 

HIST/ASIA 187 Global Taiwan

HIST/ASIA 188 Tibet: People, Places, and Space

HIST/JST 220 The Jewish and Other Diasporas

*HIST 416 Zionism*

*HIST 471Y Classical Islamic Civilizations*

HIST 472 Ottoman History

HIST 473 Contemporary Middle East

IT 130 Italian Culture and Civilization

IT 131 Italian American Culture and Civilization

IT 320 Intro to Italian Culture

IT 430 Italian Children's Literature

IT/WMST 480 Italian Women Writers

IT 490 Dante in Translation

*IT 475 Modern Italian Literature & Film* (must have JR standing)

IT 485 Italian American Cultural Studies

JST 131/CMLIT 110: Jewish Literature: An International Perspective

JST/ANTH/SOC 457 Jewish Communities: Identity, Survival, and Transformation in Unexpected Places

LER 136 Race, Gender, and Employment

LER 403 International Human Resource Studies

LTNST 100 Introduction to Latina/s Studies

LTNST 226 Latina and Latino Border Theories

LTNST 300 Latinx Gender and Sexuality Studies

LTNST 315N Spanish and Spanish-speakers in the U.S

LTNST 467 Latin America and the United States

LTNST 479 U.S. Latina/o Culture en Español

*LTNST/HIST 467 Latin America and the United States*

PHIL 008 Gender Matters

PHIL 009 Race, Racism, and Diversity

PHIL 208 Contemporary Philosophy

PHIL 408W Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 460 African American

PLSC 428 Gender and Politics

*PLSC 459 Culture and World Politics*

PLSC 497 Comp Racial & Ethnic Politics

PORT 497 Race and Gender in Contemporary Luso-Brazilian Cinema

PSYCH 232 Cross cultural Psychology

RLST 001 Introduction to World Religions

RLST / ARAB 164 Introduction to the Qur'an

RLST 461 Sociology of Religion

RUS 100 Russian Culture and Civilization

RUS 101N Russian Cinema

RUS141Y Russian Literature in English Translation: 1800-1870

RUS142Y Russian Literature in Translation: 1870-present

SOC 60 Societies and Cultures of Modern Israel

SOC 208N Visual Representations of the Middle East in the US and the Middle East

SOC 422 World Population Diversity

SOC 451 Health, Disease & Society

SOC 457 Jewish Communities: Identity, Survival, and Transformation in Unexpected Places 

SOC 461 Sociology of Religion

SPAN 130 Iberian Civilization

SPAN 131 Ibero-American Civilization

SPAN 305 Spanish for Social Services

SPAN/LTNST 326 Reading the Border/Lands

SPAN 356 Topics in the Cultures of the Americas

SPAN 474 Many Mexicos

SPAN 479 U.S. Latina/o Culture en Español

UKR 100 Ukrainian Culture and Civilization

WMNST 105 Living in a Diverse World

WMNST 106 Women, Gender, and Arts

WMNST 117 Women in Modern History

WMNST 200 Global Feminisms 

WMNST 202 Gender Dynamics in Africa 


Courses Outside the College of the Liberal Arts

AIR 451 National Security, Leadership Responsibilities, and Commissioning Preparation I 

ART H 140 Introduction to the Art and Architecture of the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas

ART H 225 Sexuality and Modern Visual Culture

ART H 326 Art Since 1940

ART H 335 African Art

DANCE 221 Introduction to African Dance and Culture


Majors should select 21 credits in the Option. 

-15 credits of these 21 will be in a single Option (no more than 6 credits towards the Option completion are to be from courses in a single department).

-6 credits of these 21 are from other Options.

-At least 12 credits must be taken at the 400 level or higher.